Customized cost management plans for U.S. lawsuit defendants

The strategies we utilize in each lawsuit will vary, depending on when Halcyon Associates is brought into the process.

Implementation of Value-Based Compensation for Outside Counsel

U.S. attorneys are normally compensated on an hourly basis irrespective of the results achieved for their clients. The principals of Halcyon Associates have built a value-based compensation model in which outside counsel is financially rewarded for a good client outcome and penalized for a bad one. By sharing the risk and reward, outside counsel and client defendants can create a formidable team that can achieve better and faster results.

Halcyon can custom-build a value-based compensation model specific for your lawsuit, establish measures of success and help negotiate acceptance with your outside counsel. We can help modifying goals and measures en route if the suit changes in a significant way.

Value-based compensation can be implemented at any point in a suit.

Evaluation of the Judge and the Plaintiff Law Firm

The most critical issue in a suit is the judge, often more important than the facts.

Halcyon has special evaluation methods and data to accomplish this critical step. We will evaluate the judge’s record of impartiality and decisiveness, and quantify the plaintiff counsel’s “settlement vs. trial” record. All other lawsuit costs should then be managed probabilistically in light of these findings.

Judge evaluation should be completed as soon as the judge is named, but before outside counsel is chosen, and before the client’s legal strategy and tactics are established.

Matching Outside Defense Counsel to the Judge

Our principals can help you define what you need in outside counsel, and can help “shop” for and select an appropriate team considering findings on the judge and plaintiff.

Lawsuit Management

Halcyon Associates has resources and experience to assist in all areas of lawsuit management. For example, we can help with computer-based selection of documents for production, thus minimizing the costly volume of documents produced. Our principals can assist European defendants to block U.S. suits using European laws and with cultural preparation for depositions or testimony.


Halcyon uses quantitative methods to determine acceptable settlement ranges for lawsuits. We can also help develop a settlement or mediation negotiation strategy and coach your team on negotiation tactics.

Establishment and Implementation of a Records Management Policy

This is a proactive strategy of benefit for future lawsuits, a lengthy process that can take up to one year. It must be implemented before the suit was filed and only for records free of litigation Document Hold Orders.