Carr Lane Quackenbush, Partner

Carr Lane has over twenty years experience as a general manager and more than ten years experience with lawsuits as president of U.S. operations of American and European multi-national corporations. He has been directly involved with lawsuits ranging from patent infringement to antitrust, product liability, resale price maintenance, civil and class-action suits, and jury trials. He successfully developed and implemented a value-based pay model in a 5-year, multi-million dollar U.S. antitrust lawsuit.

Urs Tanner, Partner

A Swiss citizen, Urs has over 30 years experience as CEO, with both a broad and deep knowledge of U.S. lawsuits, including the litigious U.S. environment, lawsuit strategy, tactics and cost control. He has 14 years experience of direct involvement in lawsuits, including patent infringement, conspiracy, antitrust, product liability, jury trials, appeals, settlement procedures, civil & class-action suits and resale price maintenance policies.