Rentsch Partner Ltd., Zurich (RPA) today announced its “US Desk”, an exclusive partnership with Halcyon Associates, Inc. that brings a business approach to US IP lawsuits handled by Rentsch Partner


Are you shocked by US Lawsuit costs?

Don’t let your US lawsuit dominate your business.

Only the exclusive partnership of Rentsch Partner Ltd. and Halcyon Associates, Inc. works to achieve an outcome-based legal result at “the best cost” for their client (money, time and management distraction).

RPA understands IP law (Swiss + US); Halcyon understands business (Swiss + US). With clients, we work to define their legal and business goals, quantitatively and statistically assess their legal situation, model case costs and outcomes, match Outside Counsel to their legal strategy then continuously adjust legal tactics to best meet client goals.

Rentsch Partner, a leading Swiss patent attorney and law firm, advises, mediates and litigates full legal protection of industrial intellectual property: patents, trademarks, copyright, designs, advertising as well as in computer science and telecommunications law. Rentsch services US clients (USPTO), Swiss and European clients (European Patent Office) and including registration of international patents and trademarks (PCT, Madrid system).

The Principals of Halcyon Associates, Inc. bring 80 years CEO and General Management and entrepreneurial business experience in the US, Switzerland and with European multi-nationals. Lawsuit direct experience includes lawsuit strategy, tactics and cost control in cases involving Patent infringement (Defense and Plaintiff, Federal and ITC), antitrust, product liability, civil and class-action suits and jury trials. Halcyon also provides Management Consulting services – business strategy & tactics, sales, marketing & messaging, product development.